Railroad Set


Is your child acting out, withdrawing, regressing or having difficulty adjusting to a new stage of development? Creative Arts Therapy can help children in many different areas of their life. Bill uses a blend of play therapy, drama therapy and behavioral interventions to helped children build resiliency, self worth and trust in the world. Confidence and self-belief are fostered in children by facilitating dynamic exploration of their feelings and relationships. This work is emotionally focused, and trauma informed.

Father and Son

By engaging in therapy together a family can find new ways to connect, grow and communicate. Through attachment focused interventions  families can strengthen their relationships. Drawing on a broad spectrum of parenting and attachment theory Bill helps caregivers and children learn to express their feelings in constructive creative ways while feeling safe and connected. If you find yourself stuck in patterns that fuel a dynamic that leads to arguments, agitation and hurt feelings family therapy can help foster new, strong ways to connect with play, fun, respect and trust.